DJ ET Back With Lady Margaret At Platinum

  V-103 DJ Eric “ET” Tayor

Platinum 144 was on point last night and V-103 DJ Eric “ET” Taylor is back in the booth playing smokers as usual.  The crowd wasn’t as packed last night as the first time that I came, but it was full of the right people, which made for a great time.  A number of awesome dancers came out to party including …

Ken Hilliard, Smoke Dixon, Cheryl Powe (Atlanta), Tina Moore, Jerry Harris, Jacque “R-Hood”, Nikee, Tori Lynch, Tabitha Williams, Kevin “Doc” Dockery, L. C. Henderson, Herk Williams, Larry Woods, Squeaky, Franchon Turner, Darren Ulmer, Candy, Nicky Holloway, Lolita Cobbs, James, Tanya “Tee Tee” Nash, DJ Roy Smooth Shannon, Linda Etienne and Miami Steve (from Florida), Lucky, and of course the Platinum 144 queen Lady Margaret Fisher.  Platinum 144 rocks out with incredible Steppin every Sunday night.