ChiStepperTV: When They Were Beginners Pt. 1

ChiStepper is launching a new series called “When They Were Beginners.”  In our first episode, we feature clips of Tyk Myn before he reached Heavy Hitter status.  It’s hard to believe that we all had to start somewhere, but the footage that you’re about to watch certainly confirms the point.  I asked Tyk in his last interview if he thought he was special (meaning he had a special talent) when it came to Steppin, and his reply was,, “No T, I was actually taught [the dance].  I actually listened, even though the old schoolers that were giving it to me like Claudell, Ray, Tony Dow, Darlinda [had] a different concept, the rhythm was the same, the rhythm did not change.” As hard as it is to believe, it seems he was right.  Check him out with his first dance partner, Kiana Moore in 1996.

Here goes …