Chicago Tribune Contacts ChiStepper to Discuss R. Kelly

R. Kelly with Step In The Name of Love/Happy People Choreographer, Andre Blackwell

Amid the national controversy alleging that R. Kelly is running a sex cult, the Chicago Tribune reached out to discuss his impact on Steppin culture and his latest accusations. Writer Dahleen Glanton did a pretty good job capturing my sentiments with the exception of me saying “Number One Hit” by R. Kelly was the “Steppers Theme Song.” I expressed that Steppers still dance to a number of R. Kelly’s songs, with “Number One Hit” being one of them.

To that end, there isn’t a Stepper in the nation that can deny R. Kelly’s profound impact on the growth of Steppin nationally, and as I expressed to Dahleen (and she accurately captured), Steppers are not judging artists personal acts when they’re on the floor. Steppers danced to R. Kelly’s music when he was on trial for molesting an under age 14 years old girl, and it wasn’t because anyone believed it was okay, but the fact that in many instances Steppin provides an escape from politics, celebrity drama, personal problems, and much more. If we stopped dancing to artists’ music because of their personal controversies we might have to move to gospel music.