ChiStepper checks in with Stepper, author, and it girl Q Wilson.  Check her out …

Q you make it out a lot, who has the hottest club night in the city of Chicago right now?

Right now I think it’s a tie between the Blue Note on Thursdays and The Dating Game on Tuesdays.

Tell me one thing you’d change about Steppin in 2015 if you had a choice?

The World’s Largest Steppin Contest.  I would like for people to take Steppin a little bit outside of the box, and not treat it like a Saturday at the 50.  I would like for the spectators to allow people to take Steppin out of the box for the World’s Largest without the controversy.

Tyk Myn said in an interview that you were going to write his book.  Have you spoken to Tyk about this?

After your interview I have talked to him and he shared this with me and I can do that for him.  We just need to sit down and set some things up.  We need to lay out a timeline and the facts.

How do you feel about your homie Andre Blackwell moving to Atlanta?

He will be missed but I wish him the best.  But we will definitely miss him in the Chi.

You’ve taken a lot of flack over the years relating to Dre.  Looking back, would you change anything about the relationship if you could?

No I wouldn’t.  It worked out the way it shoulda.  Me and Dre have a special friendship.  Some people are mature enough to have a relationship without sleeping together and some are not.  That’s just life.  Dre is my nigga ‘til the world blow up.

What is your New Years Resolution?

To focus more on my writing and my books and try to make a name for myself in the literary world.