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Cross Lists Top 5 Steppin’ Songs Ever

ChiStepper reached out to one of the hottest DJ’s in the Steppin game to find out what he considers are the Top 5 Steppers songs of all time.  Now, just to be clear, these are not Cross’ personal favorites, but…

Q’s Top 5 Dance Partner’s

While we had Q Wilson on the phone, we couldn’t resist asking who her Top 5 favorite people to Step with were.  Check out the list, and please excuse Cheryl Sykes photo bomb in the background (lol) … Q’s Top…

Candace’s Top 5 Steppin DJ’s

Flint Michigan’s Heavy Hittin’ Stepper Candace Hinton lists her Top 5 DJ’s in order … 1.  DJ Shorty Smooth 2.  DJ Raven 3.  DJ Mellow Khris 4.  DJ Amy (Lansing Michigan) 5.  DJ Calvin

Paris’ Top 5 Steppers Clubs

Chicago Diva Paris White lists her Top 5 sets in Chicago in order … 1.  50 Yard Line (Saturday) w/ DJ Calvin 2.  Klubb Karma (Wednesday) w/ Mellow Khris 3.  The Blue Note (Thursday) w/ Myron Robinson 4.  The Pines…

Omar’s Top 5 Dance Partner’s

Cali’s Omar Cook lists his Top 5 favorite women to Step with in order … 1.  Angela Porter 2.  Milli Stanford 3.  Vicky “Taaall” Murray 4.  Renee Elaine 5.  Ann Groggins Hunter