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Catching Up with 2016 WLSC Winner Ed Donaldson

You’re fresh off of your 2016 1st place win in the World’s Largest Steppers Contest “New Skool Category.” You’ve actually won a few times before. Was this win any different for you? Hell yeah! Wait, can I cuss on here….

Jidenna “Chief Don’t Run”

I put this new Jidenna track on a mix I made for my weekend road trips and thought, “Hmmm … I could Step to this.” It’s a bit fast but nothing a new skooler couldn’t go to work on. The…

Angela “Coko” Hardnett is Making Moves in San Antonio

Coko, you live in D.C., but you’re promoting Steppin in San Antonio. How did this happen? I actually live in San Antonio, but work in the DMV as a Government Contractor. And have owned Coko Productions for over 20 years….

Author J. E. Harris Debuts Novel “When You Step”

Hi J. E., congratulations on your book “When You Step,” is this your first novel? Thanks so much for the congrats, Terrance. Yes, When You Step is my first novel. How long did it take you to write the book? …