Breaking News: Heritage Ball Postponed


ChiStepper reached out to the Heritage Ball brass to learn more about the postponement of this year’s ball.  While it was an extremely difficult decision, extreme weather conditions around the country left the group no choice.  There were cities like Detroit where flights with 60 or more patrons had been postponed until Saturday or Sunday.

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson is the nation’s largest airport and it is completely shut down until 1pm tomorrow, further complicating travel plans.  On top of that, GDI was worried about all of the guests who were going to attempt to drive down.  ChiStepper was among those that planned to road trip this year, and there was quite a bit of concern from family and close friends about the decision. 

ChiStepper asked about Steppers losing out on Flights and Hotels and it seems that the Atlanta Gateway Marriot Hotel is going to work with GDI on this situation.  We also learned that airlines are willing to work with passengers in cases of severe weather conditions.  GDI is currently waiting to speak with the Georgia International Convention Center about a date that they can reschedule.  ChiStepper will keep you posted on this.

While I’m sure many of you are as disappointed as we are, let’s do our best to support the GDI family through this unforeseeable situation.  This team has provided us with a first class experience for over 4 years running and they’ll continue to need our support when the rescheduled dates are announced.  Hopefully, it’ll be a bit warmer out and even more people can participate.