Big Fun With The Social Sisters

  T. Pratt, Charlsie, Dre, Lola, and Frank White (Photos By: Steppin Luther)

Steppin with the Social Sister’s on Tuesday nights at The Dating Game is like visiting a hole-in-the-wall soul food spot with the big fat lady cooking, before it goes commercial and the food gets watered down. Lola, Charlsie, and DJ Barry don’t have the most popular weekly Steppers set in the nation, but it’s pure goodness … not watered down like most sets I check out today.

Yes, the feel is classic, but not old skool.  DJ Barry comes from what we now call the Freestyle era, but Lola and Charlsie are what I call middle schoolers.  They’re in between the older Boppin style of Steppin and the New School era ushered in by Dre, Tyk, and Westside Mike among others.  Because they’re from this incredible period in Steppin, their sets hold the integrity of this era.  The music is great … and I do mean great, and of course Lola and Charlsie are great Steppers, so great music and great dancers equal a great time.  And this is exactly what we had. 

Me, Dre Blackwell, and Frank White had an intention on stopping in, dancing a couple records, and heading to the west side to party with our boy DJ Roy Shannon.  Well, DJ Barry had other thoughts and held us captive on the floor playing banger after banger.  The energy was so high in the joint, not only did DJ Barry say we inspired him to snap off in the booth, he actually came out of the booth and went to work on the floor with Dre.  In the booth however, Dre had never heard DJ Barry, a true mixologist and blender, and he left saying, “This n!99a is incredible.”


Following dances with the likes of Peaches and Rose Wellington, DJ Barry put on some party music and Dre had the terrible idea of challenging Charlsie to a pop locking contest.  Charlsie went from Break Dancing to Flash Dancing as she refused to lose.  She tied her shirt up in the front and went to work and Dre ended up waving the white flag.


As for the set, you won’t find Steppers doing the worm or any of the other crazy shit that’s being introduced to the Steppin game right now, but if you want to hear incredible music, get in some great dances, and order a few chicken wings to boot, add this to your southside Tuesday Steppin schedule, while Roy Shannon holds down the Tuesday Steppin schedule out West.

Shoots out to my homie, Steppin Luther who was on hand taking flicks of all the night’s special moments.  Reach out to Lou a.k.a Gucci if you need a great photographer with personality to take pictures at your event.