Andre Blackwell’s Fondest Memory of Tabitha Williams


Tabitha Williams (Photo credit:

I remember how Tab used to come all the way from Kankakee to Chicago. She was ambitious and hungry to learn how to Step, so she came to Dre and Company. She had good experience already, but she just needed a little more polishing. Every now and then she needed a ride back and forth to Kankakee, and I remember me and about three to four other Dre and Company members driving all the way to Kankakee and having to drive all the way back to Chicago, because Tab wanted to stay out late to dance. Some days we would even spend the night at her house.

In Dre and Company we have this way of communicating with each other – Whatever comes up, comes out. And when I say that it comes up and comes out, it really does. I remember doing a routine that we practiced at least fifty times. I mean Tab f*cked them up all fifty times, but when I say she wouldn’t give up – she wouldn’t give up. I would say, “Tab you f*cking up again. Go to the back!” As she made her way to the back, she would say in this high pitched voice, “I am trying Dre, I am trying. F*ck you!”

I can go on and on and on about things Tab and I experienced, but I am going to leave it at that. Tabitha had a great spirit and a beautiful heart. Like all of us she was searching for some direction in life. She was fortunate to have someone right next to her in her journey – Peaches Anderson, who was there for her, right at her bedside, until her time of death. Tabitha we are going to miss you. We will always love you and you will always be a part of Dre and Company for life.