A Final Farewell To Steppin Greg In Words And Pictures

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In ChiStepper’s final farewell to the great Steppin Gregory Thompson, ChiStepper posts a series of photos taken of Greg over the years.  We want to send our condolences to Jackie King, Maddy B Haywood, the entire Déjà vu Steppers Club, and of course his family and friends.

Long before Steppin Greg lost his legs to diabetes, I can recall him dancing at the East of the Ryan.  Greg’s style was elegant and smooth and his Walking was a sight to behold.  For those that didn’t get a chance to see Greg in his prime, his Walking style was similar to Magic Mike in the way that he glides across the floor, instead of making heavy pauses.  Greg called Walking during the dance, “Dancing on the inside” and one night at The Dating Game he was the first person to pull me aside and show me how it should be done the classic way.

You can see from his photos that he was always impeccably dressed, and although his close Steppin friends jokingly complained that Greg drove them crazy, he was always a lot of fun when I saw him out. Even with his prosthetic leg, and later from his wheel chair, Greg demonstrated that absolutely nothing would keep him off of the dance floor.

Greg will truly be missed and his absence symbolizes a bit more than just the loss of an iconic dancer.  Greg’s passing brings to mind the passing of an entire era.  As more and more greats like Greg pass on, the Steppin game loses a little piece of its authentic and unadulterated soul.  Greg embodied Steppin fashion, Steppin music, Steppin tradition, footwork, elegance, charisma, and the aura of a true gentleman, all the characteristics that define Steppin in its truest form.  To that end, I wonder what will become of Steppin once all of the Steppin Greg’s are gone.

Dear Greg … thanks for your lifelong dedication to this art form and all that you contributed to make it great.  Rest in peace my brother!